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 Brian's Fan club was launched in 1992 and is now one of the strongest faBrian with Fay & Judyn clubs in Australia.                                                                     "Two very loyal supporters, Judy Porter and Fay Caulfield  of Werris Creek, NSW (pictured with Brian) were the original founders of my Fan Club, and to them,  I am indebted"     Brian  

The Fan club offers you a personal way to keep in touch with Brian's "happenings and news". Direct Mail Order of any of Brian's CD's   And of course, you will be showing your support for Brian.

HOW DO I JOIN?               On receiving your details we will rush to you, your membership introductory pack, which  includes a Photograph, Biography and Newsletter along with a Membership Badge and  Certificate.   Then, to keep you up to date, you will receive regular quarterly newsletters.

ALL THIS for a joining fee of ONLY A$12.00—–followed annually by an A$8.00 subscription renewal fee.

Send your details together with the Joining Fee to:


PO Box 152  

KOOTINGAL     NSW     2352


CDPlease be advised that if you wish to purchase any of Brian's CDs, (which are all listed on the Biography page of this website) please forward your payment of $25 per CD to the address above and will forward same by return post.