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If you are here to purchase CD's from BRIAN LETTON RECORDINGS, please NOTE THAT WE HAVE INTRODUCED A NEW PAYMENT METHOD...                                                                 You can pay by DIRECT DEPOSIT.   Please contact us by e-mail to receive account details. 

 Alternatively, send your payment of $20.00 per CD or $25.00 per DvD plus $5.00 Postage & Handling to  ;   Brian Letton Recordings, C/- P.O. Box 29, LEYBURN, QLD 4365

                           Please do not forget to include your name, return address with your order details

                       paypal  Payments by MasterCard and Visa card are now accepted via PayPal   on this website's Albums page.




There are a number of other ways to also contact BRIAN  : -


Updated 10 February 2021